Jon Markman
Strategic Advantage, Disruptors & Dominators, Fast Forward Investing

Jon Markman is a veteran journalist, investment adviser, and futurist whose research on ground-breaking technology companies over the past four decades has helped thousands of customers achieve their financial goals. He has served as an investment strategies columnist at the Los Angeles Times and Forbes magazine as well as the founding managing editor at MSN Money. Leveraging the power of Microsoft engineers, in 2001 he created the first successful stock-rating system for the public using advanced quantitative analytics. Mr. Markman is currently the author of seven stock and options services: Disruptors & Dominators, Strategic Options and Weiss Technology Portfolio for Weiss Ratings; Fast Forward Investing for Forbes; and Strategic Advantage, Tactical Options and Counterpoint Options for his own independent site. He is also the author of five books on investing.

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12 Surprising Stocks Winning the Great Digital Transformation
Jon Markman |Strategic Advantage, Disruptors & Dominators, Fast Forward Investing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) leads the way. But there is much more to the great digital transformation story as the web, the cloud, connected cars, money, and recreation are creating vast new fortunes for individuals placing smart bets early. Learn about all these developments from long-time tech sector scribe Jon Markman. 

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