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John McCamant joined the leading investment newsletter, Medical Technology Stock Letter, as an associate editor in 1987 and was named editor in August 2000. He has spent over 35 years on the front lines of biotechnology investing. In his previous role as an equities analyst for the American Healthcare fund, Mr. McCamant uncovered investment opportunities and guided investment strategy.

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Which Biotechs Will Big Pharma Buy Next on Their Shopping Spree?
John McCamant |Medical Technology Stock Letter

Big Pharma is on a major shopping spree. Both AbbVie (ABBV) and Merck & Co. (MRK) have been very active on the M&A front, buying promising biotechs for 75% to 100% overnight premiums. Blockbuster drugs like Merck’s Keytruda, with $25 billion in annual sales, lose patent protection in 2028. Since biotech M&A is the best way to refill the pipeline, the transaction train should keep on rolling. Find out from John which companies look the most attractive for investors in this informative briefing.     

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