Tuesday, May 7, 2024 | 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM PDT

Trading Options Successfully for a Living*

Trading is not a career for everyone. Like any specialty, it requires a great deal of learning, training, and experience. You cannot just step into the ring and start pushing money around and believe you will be a successful trader. In this in-depth class, long-term options trader and educator Bob Lang will begin by explaining how he defines success—and how and why you can’t treat the markets like a casino. Then he will take a deep dive into several options market topics to help you achieve TRUE success. They include...  

     •    What options are and how to trade different option structures
     •    Spread trading, option Greeks, and repairing trades
     •    Managing risk, position sizing, and using put options in all market conditions
     •    The psychology of trading—and how to leave your ego out of it
     •    Four fears traders face
     •    Understanding time decay
     •    Rolling trades—and how to create a FREE trade
     •    Being proactive and when it makes sense NOT to listen to others
     •    The benefits of a trading community (like a chat room)
     •    Constant learning and feedback mechanisms

Plus, so much more. If you have ever considered trading options for a living—or simply want to improve your options trading results—you do NOT want to miss this session. Lastly, Bob will find out if you truly ‘know your options.’ 

Bob Lang
President & Chief Options Strategist
Explosive Options

Get the Keys to Market Success in 2024